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WATERMEAD STORY : In 2000 Father John wrote the parables of Jesus in verse form - the idea had caught him, inspired by our first parable song “The Lost Sheep” - recorded on our children’s cassette “A Little Child Shall Lead” in 1996.  Father John asked Alison if she could set the verses to music and then wrote to Don Maclean asking him if he would record them with us.

Don replied immediately and invited us to send the parable verses to him. He later told us he thought it was a naff idea, setting the parables to music: but he liked what we sent!  They made him laugh, he said, and he knew he could make other people laugh – it was an original idea for show business evangelisation!  He’d like to do it.

How enjoyable the rehearsals were and how good the final recording.  Don was backed by our own Watermead singers, Matthew and Rebecca, along with young singers from St Joseph’s Primary, St Paul’s and De Lisle Secondary schools in Leicestershire.  Don’s son, Rory, also sketched the cartoons used on the CD insert.

In 2006 Don was able to present the first CD to Pope Benedict in Rome.  He had  travelled there as a gift from the BBC in recognition of his years of presenting “Good Morning Sunday”, and was able to speak personally to the Pope – a surprise arranged by the then Archbishop Nichols, a personal friend of Don’s.

Pope Benedict pictured with Don and Toni receiving the CD

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More information and to obtain CD/music

Download "Free"Sheet Music Good Samaritan small.jpg

“We all know Good Samaritans - people willing to help others, generous and kind.  We all know lost sheep who need patience and understanding to find their way again.  How many families have prodigal sons and daughters with loving parents ready to welcome them home? We all have talents and are encouraged to use them . . .”

Our “Parables” project is one that we hope will see many initiatives.  So far there has been a CD, a Primary School drama/ music presentation and a “Parables of Jesus” musical presented by our local secondary school.

There are many possibilities!

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