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Some of the charities we have supported and worked with . . .

When we began we wanted to share what we had with charities and good works - through our resources and, where possible, by donations.  If God blessed our work we wanted to share the blessings.

God has blessed us.  We are still small but we are strong.  The accounts are well managed, income and expenditure balance nicely.  Our profit margins are deliberately low so that we can give best value to our customers, providing them with the resources to enrich and share their faith with others.  But these margins still allow us to share generously and over the years we have given many thousands of pounds to charities and good causes.   We cannot give all the details here, as some donations have been anonymous and other donations have been a quiet support of individuals for their charitable works, but we hope through this page to introduce you to some of the causes we have supported over the years ~ and still continue to support.

Some of the national/international charities we are glad to support are Let the Children Live, CAFOD, SPICMA, VSO, SPUC, LIFE, Mother of Peace, InterCare, Light of the Blind, Practical Action.  (See our links pages).

We began in Tanzania supporting the work of individual Rosminian priests . . .

We began our sharing with the Rosminian missions in East Africa through the work of Fr Gerry Smith, a Rosminian priest and friend of Fr John. About the same time we began our apostolate (1992/3), Father Gerry had heard of the plight of the lepers in the village of Misufini, about forty kilometres from the town of Tanga, Tanzania. They had no electricity, running water, sanitation or medical care and Fr Gerry made it his mission to help provide basic needs for the Centre.  Misufini Leprosy Care Centre is now the biggest leprosy care centre in the Tanga region.


Pictured is Fr Edmund (Ned) Spillane, another Rosminian priest we supported, whose work in Tanzania included the building of a clinic.  The photograph is one of a collection given us by Fr Ned's sister, Theresa, through whom we would pass our donations to him directly.

Fr Gerry and Fr Ned have since died and their work is now continued by others. But our support to the Rosminian missions in Tanzania has continued with our small donations directly to those involved, including Fr Polycarp for his work on the setting up of the Kwalukonge Clinic, Tanga, Tanzania.

Click for more on the Rosminians in Tanzania . . . . .

And then we were in Colombia (via Walsingham) . . .

Our association with Colombia began in 1995 when our recording of "Mary Our Mother" was used by the charity "Let the Children Live" for their own fund-raising.

This charity was founded by Father Peter Walters to help the children who live on the streets of Colombia. Over the years the charity has become one that we regularly support, culminating in the composing and recording their charity song, "Vivan los Niños", in 1998.

"Vivan los Ninos" Story Fr_Peter.jpg

Pictured (right) is Fr Peter with some of the children and below are more of the children outside Casa Walsingham - the home he set up for them.

Click on the CD for the story of our recording and to meet those who were involved . . .


There are many ways people can support “Let the Children Live” and further information can be found on their website, along with information about the work of Father Peter and his helpers.


There is a Leicester support group for “Let the Children Live” in the parish where Watermead is based.  When we came to St Joseph’s we brought with us our story of Father Peter and the children and his mission so moved Theresa that she soon became involved in fundraising for the charity. She is now also has the responsibility for distributing the charity’s Christmas cards. Contact Theresa for further information (she also helps in our shop).

And back to Africa and Zimbabwe . . .

When we came to St Joseph’s we became involved with Fr David Everitt, a priest who was at that time living in this parish - the parish where he grown up and been ordained priest.

Fr David had been ill, but was recovering well and hoping to regain his health so he could return to Africa.  He longed to serve the mission of the Church as chaplain to the Mother of Peace Community - an orphanage in Mutoko, founded in 1994 in response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe.  With the resources available to us we were able to help Fr David through his recovery and the preparation for his visit in 2007 - and continued our support when he returned after six months with renewed resolve that this was to be his ministry. Sadly, Fr David never did return as he was diagnosed with cancer not long after returning to England and died on Easter Sunday, 2010.

During his time at St Joseph’s Fr David had talked often to St Joseph’s Children’s Liturgy about his mission. Our children had loved Fr David, and his stories and pictures of the orphaned children in Zimbabwe, and they had become involved in fundraising for the Mother of Peace Community. This continued in his memory led by Lynn, who at that time helped in the Watermead shop. The charity donation share from the sale of her designs were donated to the Mother of Peace Community.

Since 1994 there have been many charities and many more stories . . .

Where possible these are given alongside the project that they have inspired.

There are also many good works that we admire and support.

Visit our links page.