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Welcome to the Watermead Apostolate

A sharing in love and faith through our God-given talents

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Welcome to our Apostolate’s Website

We are a Christian apostolate that began by sharing faith through people’s gifts, talents and time, recording and publishing our own music, cards, stationery, resources and books.

We began in 1992, and over the years the apostolate has grown into one that now has several  aspects to its sharing.  The advancement of internet technology has since opened up even more opportunities to this sharing (ie downloading our resources).  Click on an area below to find our more.


Watermead Music


Watermead Centre


Watermead Publishing Ltd


Watermead Retreats


Our free download newsletter

The Lords Day

These weekly newsletters offer a background to the Sunday readings, along with various seasonal and topical thoughts.

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Watermead Projects


Clipart, Sheet Music, Resources


Through all that do we help and support various charities and good works.

As you journey through our website pages you will meet many of the people involved. You can listen to our music and singers, share the stories that have inspired our items, meet the characters used on some of our cards and stationery, and read many of the words of inspiration offered us through people's prayers, poetry and stories.  And even download our “free” resources.

Everything we produce is a chapter from someone's personal journey of faith.

You may find the background graphics to our website a little lively, but they are meant to witness to the many people and projects that have grown our apostolate family over the years.

Thank you for visiting us and we do hope that you enjoy and are inspired by what you find on these pages.  Do feel invited to join us - and maybe even share your gifts through us.

Meet us. . . . . . Our beginnings . . . . . . . Our Gifts

Please note that we are in the process of building a new website and so this current site may not always be up-to-date. We shall endeavour to complete the rebuild in January/February 2019 and  ask that you please excuse any blips in information or delays in updates over the next couple of months.  Thank you.