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MALTA : February 2019

Some years ago at our Council of Churches we spoke of the people who find it difficult to go on holiday – they live alone, they lack confidence to make bookings, they have no one to travel with.  We planned a low-cost holiday that could include everyone, thought of somewhere warm we might go in the colder weather – and came up with Malta!

It was a wise choice.  The pilgrimage/holiday went very well and friendships were formed that have enriched our Council of Churches.  We have been several times.

Each time we’ve had a wonderful winter break.  Our friend in Malta, Joanne Spiteri, always makes the bookings for us, arranges trips and tours, and gives us an insight into the islands of Malta and Gozo that she and her late father, Victor, love.  (Victor, until his death a few years ago, was our first contact and wonderful host over many years).

We are based in Sliema in a fine hotel overlooking the sea.  The food is excellent in quality and variety – and the full breakfast in the restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean provides a perfect start to the days that offer so much – Malta’s fascinating history, the ancient capital city of Mdina, the vibrant modern capital, Valetta, the many lovely churches, the fishing villages, Blue Grotto, Crafts Village, ancient temple sites, the harbour, the docks, and the celebration of mass together each day . . .

The week is as relaxed or as busy as we choose to make it.  Tours together give an overview of where we might go and there is plenty of time to do our own exploring.  The weather is springtime, days warm and evenings cool – enjoyable strolls along the promenade to St Julian’s or down to the harbour and the shops (many familiar English ones) always pleasant in the sea breezes.

Joanne and Victor.jpg

Joanne and her father, Victor, offering pilgrims a taste of Gozo’s famous goats’ cheese.

Sadly Victor is no longer with us, but Jo continues to look  after us wonderfully each year

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Watermead Apostolate is not licensed by ATOL or affiliated to any other travel organisations.  We are totally independent.  We are simply an extended family community travelling together on pilgrimage.  People are welcome to join us, but only on the understanding that they are responsible for their own travel insurances.  Proof of travel insurance (policy numbers and providers, along with expiry date) is required on confirmation of booking.  

We shall be taking two groups in 2019

5th-12th February (7 nights)

5th-15th February (10 nights)

(Contact us for for more information)

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