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Mary through the Seasons

Christians love and honour Mary as the mother of Jesus and this series of cards is depicts her in four seasonal colours. It was inspired by the artwork for our cassette recording “Mary Our Mother”.   

The original image came from a watercolour painting by Lorraine that she had transferred and reworked on the computer to become the artwork for the cassette insert and accompanying word folder.

On experimenting with the colours on the computer, the inspiration came to produce a series of stationery depicting Mary in four seasonal colours - blue (winter), green (spring), red (summer) and brown (autumn). The series comprised a set of postcards, a set of notelets, a set of seasonal greeting cards and a set of bookmarks.

Lorrarine had also been the first singer of our song “O Child”, (see below) a four-verse hymn that sings about the various stages of life as seen through the cycle of the seasons. So on each coloured seasons’ cards and bookmark the appropriate verse was printed.

Click on a colour to read the wording inside each card

  W           W          W        W

The bookmarks and notelets are now out of print, but we still do have the Postcards and Seasons Cards available. Contact us if you would like to purchase any.

MOM01 - Mary Postcards (x 4)

Bookmarks and Notelets are now out of print click on image for more information

Bookmarks L.JPG

MOM02 - Mary Seasons Card (x 4)

"Mary Our Mother" StoryClick on the cassette image for more information about our recording.

Click on the player below to listen to Lorraine singing “Oh Child” (The Song of Life)