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Watermead Shop Opening Times

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

from 10.30 am - 3.00 pm,

Saturday 5.00 -5.50 pm and on

Sunday 11.45 am - 12.15 pm

Tom Concannon


We would like to introduce everyone personally, but that would be impossible.  Anyone who is, or has been, involved with us is always part of our apostolate, and, if you were to walk around our Watermead shop, or browse the various gifts' pages on this site, then you would be sharing in the faith journeys of many, many people.

The people are represented by the music, words and pictures used on our items, and through the time and resources gifted for the development of each project.  We actually stopped counting in 2001, realising that the people involved with us exceeded well over two hundred - and today new people still keep joining our sharing.

Many people have been involved with us over the years and this page introduces those involved in the day-to-day organisation - although it has been difficult to obtain photographs as people are rather camera-shy.

Father John Daley IC

Father John looks after our spiritual direction, having been the initial inspiration and encouragement for our beginning the apostolate in 1992 at the parish of St. Theresa's in Birstall.   He belongs to the religious order which founded and still serves that parish - The Institute of Charity (Rosminians).

In 2001, when Bishop Malcolm invited us to continue our apostolate here at St. Joseph's in Leicester, Father John was invited also, as parish priest, where he could continue his practical and spiritual guidance of our work.

He is author of various articles and it is he who writes the scripture guides for The Lord’s Day - and he pens many of the words for our Watermead hymns.  He also leads our retreat days and evenings of prayer and reflection at St. Joseph's and elsewhere.


Alison Concannon Kennedy

Alison looks after the day to day administration of the apostolate and project designs.  But she started as the composer, along with her father, Tom, of the hymn, "Our Songs Give Praise", that began the Watermead venture.

When Tom died in 1993 she continued to compose music and hymns, with Father John as lyricist, producing several cassette and CD recordings. She also sets words to music and has set many of "another" Alison's poem's and words to music - resulting in a recording of hymns and songs especially for the children's role in liturgy, “A Little Child Shall Lead”.

Tom the Author.jpg

David Kennedy

David was 8 years old when his Mum, Alison, started working on plans for the apostolate.  Today (older and taller), he works with us looking after our distribution/ accounts and runs the Watermead Centre.

It was the young David who came up with the Watermead logo design. The harp suggested the celtic feel of the music and the roses were for Our Lady and St. Theresa.

David logo doodles.jpg

Doreen & Matthew Concannon

Doreen is mother of Alison, and widow of Tom, and has been involved since the beginning, as a member of the original St Theresa's choir that sang on our first recordings and over the years has looked after various aspects of our work, including making our FIAT rosaries. She presently is in the Watermead Shop on Wednesdays.

Matthew has also been with Watermead since we began -singing on all of our recordings, his paintings used on many of Watermead's items.  It is his picture was the first gift shared and was used for the cover of our first recording.

There have been others in Alison and Tom's family involved in various of Watermead's projects and you will meet them on the further pages of this website.  But we like to think of our apostolate as a one big family that all can feel a part of. Many individuals and families have been involved over the years, and you will meet them, too, as you journey through our web pages.

We continue on this page with those who have helped in the shop and day-to-day work of the apostolate over the time we have been here at St Joseph’s.

     THE WATERMEAD CENTRE                                   On Tuesdays meet . . . . .  

Barbara (in yellow) looks after the packing and distribution of orders and is responsible for keeping our publishing stock up-to-date.  As a member of St. Theresa's choir she has sang on several of our recordings and helped on the production of the children's recording.

Lynn (in blue) came to us in 2005 offering her own creative inspirations. She helped in the shop for a while and when the Catholic Herald produced a feature on us, Sheila wrote offering poems and Lynn used some of her paintings to illustrate these in the form of laminated posters call "Wordscapes".  Whilst with us Lynn also produced a series of cards which were sold to support the Mother of Peace community - a charity introduced by Fr David Everitt, priest and friend, and who Lynn helped fundraise for.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays meet Doreen, Alison, David . . . and at the weekend meet . . . .

Theresa (in green) is also involved with Watermead through the charity "Let the Children Live". When we first came to St Joseph's we introduced the people to Father Peter and his mission with children on the streets of Medellin, Colombia, and Theresa was so moved that she immediately volunteered to be the parish support organiser.  Over the years she has also arranged the packing and national distribution of the LTCL Christmas cards from St Joseph's parish.

Paula (in brown) joined the team of volunteers who look after the shop in 2007 - having retired from a long career in nursing. She is also the church and hall housekeeper here at St Joseph's, as well as a willing helper in many areas of St Joseph's parish life.

Anne-Marie and Catherine (Mother and daughter) Anne-Marie looks after the shop on Sunday following the 10.30 am mass. Anne-Marie and her parents had helped in St. Joseph's parish for many years - her mother, Anne, as parish florist and father, Jack (RIP), as server, counter and  minister of the Eucharist. As a little girl Catherine helped lead the singing at mass and later helped her Mum look after the shop for many years. In 2006 as a young member of St Joseph’s choir she sang on our recording "Don Sings the Parables", along with other young singers from the parishes of St Joseph's and St Theresa's.

Watermead Centre

There are the people who help, but aren't always visible . . .

There have been many involved in the necessary work to run and maintain our apostolate that have not always been visible, gifting their time, skills and expertise - Richard and Georgina who looked after our accounts until they moved back to Richard’s home country in 2012  . . . Patrick and Gary always there to lift and carry when we moved locations . . .  Bob who helped with the maintenance when we moved into the Watermead Centre . . . those involved in the refurbishing and equipping of the Centre.

There have been so many people who have supported and helped our work over the years, in such a variety of ways - helping in the shop, packing cards, proof-reading, helping us in our various relocations . . . singing and playing on our recordings and at events, etc.  The list is endless . . .

And then there are those still to meet through our gifts . . .

Just a few of the people that you will meet through our Gifts Pages - this photo is of some of those involved in the "Vivan los Ninos”  recording at St Theresa's in 1999.

Many more people to meet, reading and sharing their stories and inspirations . . .