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When the hymn “Our Song Gives Praise” was accepted for publication more compositions were encouraged and, as the hymns and mass settings came, it was decided to explore publishing our own music.  After many planning meetings, a loan from the parish finance committee was secured and Watermead Music Publishing began.

The original objective was to provide only the sheet music as individual sheets and housed in folders. Matthew was asked to paint a picture - St. Theresa's church as seen in the setting of Watermead country park - and this was to become the cover of the sheet music folders.

We then decided to make a demonstration cassette as an aid to church choirs who may like to use our music. This was of a selection of hymns and mass settings seen within the celebration of the Eucharist. The recording was made live in the church on a reel-to-reel tape recorder and through two microphones

When people of the parish started asking for copies of the cassette we decided to approach a local recording studio to ask advice on duplication. Mike of White House Sound was very helpful - tidying our amateur recording, giving much welcome advice for the future and was able to run off copies of our first cassette recording, "Our Songs Give Praise". We sold each cassette along with hymn sheets in an accompanying word folder - the folders that were originally printed to house the sheet music.

The first presentation folder and cassette was taken to Rome on pilgrimage given to Pope John Paul II at his General Audience on 9th March 1994 . . . . Click to read Alison’s personal memory of the day.

Our first lyricist, Tom, died in 1993 and his daughter Alison went on to write well over a hundred more hymns, mainly with Father John as lyricist.  Since 1993 Watermead has been gifted many hymns, songs and compositions, with various combinations of lyricist and composer - music often inspiring words or paintings and vice versa.

One of these people was Alison (or the “other” Alison as she preferred to be known).  Alison had been inspired by the story of the first “Music as Prayer” hymn, “The Pieta”, and went home to write words for her own Marian hymn, “Mary Our Mother”.  When Alison set theses words to music the “other” Alison found she could not stop writing, penning many more hymns and poems.  Some of these have become hymns, set to music by Alison or Matthew in turn, and the Alison and Alison partnership culminated in the fourth Watermead recording, “A Little Child Shall Lead” - a selection of hymns for and sung by the children of the parish.

Another of our first composers was Susan, the choir mistress of the St Theresa’s choir that sang on our first two recordings.  Two of her hymns featured on our first recording, “Our Songs Give Praise”.

It is our hope that we can, through this website, help other budding hymn writers share their inspirations and music through our download page when the facility is completed.  Contact us for more details.

Watermead Cassette and CD recordings

We share our music in three ways

CD Recordings "Music as Prayer" Downloads

Some of our music is available for download through our distributors Horus Music and this is an ongoing project to make all we have produced available in this way.  Search the various online stores - amazon etc.

We can also email individual MP3 versions of some of our hymns and music.

If there is something in particular that you would like, then do contact us giving details.

Heavens Road fm plays our Watermead Music recordings.

This internet radio station was launched in November 2013, the brainchild of Gerry Coates a Catholic singer/songwriter, who launched the original Heart Gives Unto Heart Catholic Radio for the Papal visit in 2010.  We had provided our recordings for the original radio station, along with our Easter reflection programme, and we hope to continue providing programmes and meditations - click on the logo to find out more.

Visit our sheet music download pages