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“The Watermead Apostolate is a sharing in love and faith through our God-given gifts and talents”, is how we introduce ourselves, and this page begins the pathways that will share our people and the stories behind their gifts (music, words, pictures, etc.) alongside the projects and initiatives in which they have been used.

“Our Songs Give Praise” ~ The First Gift was Music

We began in 1992 when the musicians and singers of St. Theresa's Parish in Birstall, Leicestershire, joined in with the first National Music Day, by spending the day celebrating Church Music and its very important influence on the development of music down the centuries.


From late morning with Gregorian chants we worked our way through the day singing and explaining the various contributions - psalms, hymns, mass settings, etc. The final hymn was written for the occasion by two parishioners (father, Tom, and daughter, Alison) and was scored to incorporate every musician and singer who had taken part during the day. This was "Our Song Gives Praise" and it was the song that began the Watermead venture.

When this hymn was accepted for publication more compositions were encouraged and, as the hymns and mass settings came, it was decided to explore publishing our own music.

After many planning meetings, a loan from the parish finance committee was secured and Watermead (Music) Publishing began . . . . (Click for the full story and to listen to the music . . .)

And the Gifts continue ~ click on a box to read more

The Music

Watermead Music

The Pictures The Pictures

The Words

The Words

The above windows will take you through to the first gift shared in that particular area.  From each area you will be able to access the other gifts shared as they appear in our shop catalogue, along with their people stories.