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Our Song Gives Praise

This was the hymn that began our Watermead venture, and inspiration that gave title to our first recording.

From this hymn all else has grown ....


“Our Song Gives Praise” ~ The Hymn

St Theresa's parish in Birstall, Leicestershire, is where our story began with the composing of this hymn. There had always been an enthusiasm for music in the parish and various groups had evolved over the years (choirs, children's bands, a folk groups as well as pianists, organists and instrumentalists), and so, in 1992, all the ensembles had come together to celebrate the first National Music Day.  We spent the day prayerfully celebrating Church music and its very important influence on the development of music over the centuries.

From late morning, starting with Gregorian chant, we worked our way through the day singing and explaining the various contributions - psalms, hymns, mass settings, etc.  We needed a final "contemporary" hymn that we could arrange for the many instruments involved, without infringing on copyright. But this, at short notice, was proving hard to find.

Then, Alison and her father, Tom, came up with the idea of writing their own. They did and "Our Song Gives Praise" was the result.  The final three verses consisted of one word repeated, "Alleluia", which was to become an affectionate tease to lyricist, Tom, by his fellow choir members.  Yet the simplicity of these verses enabled the different instrumentalists to gradually join in, bringing a wonderful crescendo to our hymn's finale.

Please click on the video presentation below to hear the song as recorded on our first recording "Our Songs Give Praise” and meet the singers and instrumentalist involved in that first venture.

“Our Songs Give Praise” ~ The Recording

Our Songs Give Praise became the title of our first recording, its intended use first as a demonstration cassette to promote our hymns.  Only later was this amateur tape to become our first marketable recording. The recording was made on Sunday 27th February, 1994, live in the church using a reel-to-reel tape recorder and two microphones.  It included “Our Song Gives Praise”, along with other music composed from within the parish.

The Thursday following the OSGP recording forty of the parish were to be going on pilgrimage to Rome. Father John suggested that whilst there we ask to present our sheet music folder with some of the music to the Pope and so a pack was put together of three of the hymns, along with a copy of our demonstration tape. . . . more


Mass of St. Andrew

Lord Have Mercy

Gloria : Holy Holy

Lamb of God

Mass of St. Bernard

The Kyrie

Mass of St. David

Lord Have Mercy

Holy Holy : Lamb of God


The Our Father

The Hail Mary

The Gloria (2nd Setting)


Christ's Farewell

Come and Hear

Mary Our Mother

Our Songs Give Praise

Pax Christi

Remember Man

Song of Peace

Remember Man


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