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Jesus’ parable stories set to music by Watermead Music

“The Parables of Jesus”  ~ The Musical

The story begins with the Wedding Feast at Cana, the first sign (miracle) recorded in the Gospel of St John. Our fictional wedding couple are Anna and Joachim who, inspired by Jesus’ help at their wedding (changing the water into wine), follow him and the apostles on their journeys -sharing the Good News through Jesus’ parable stories . . . . .

The first performance was on 25 June 2009 at the Peepul Centre, a Leicester city theatre, and was presented by the young people of St Paul’s Catholic School, Leicester, under the direction of Jayne Gray, David Hayes and Francisca Gillespie-Mendes of the school’s Performing Arts Faculty. They had decided to use our “Don Sings the Parables” CD as backing for the dance and drama, but on some songs the young singers sang over the original recording’s backing tracks.  Alison also wrote two new pieces of music especially for the musical.

The photos in the slideshow below were taken at the September performance later in the year and the background music, “The Prologue - Miracle” is one of the new pieces written especially for the musical.

“The Parables of Jesus”  ~ The Script

Our script has speaking parts for 16 people - Jesus, Mary (the Mother of Jesus), Anna and Joachim (the fictional wedding couple), a wedding Steward, seven of the apostles (James, John, Simon, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Matthew) and four Elderly Labourers. There are also parts for five unnamed Apostles, many Disciples and Labourers, Invited Wedding Guests, General Crowd, a High Priest and two Soldiers, along with opportunity for involvement by Dancers, Soloists/Choir and Musicians.  The script is easily adaptable to people, abilities and facilities available to those presenting the performance and we welcome people to adapt it to their school/community circumstances.

Below is the original script (downloadable through our download pages) that we gave to St Paul’s school. To view the detail “click to read” and the book will appear as full screen (click on the X to return to this page).