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The first picture was Matthew’s painting of “St Theresa’s in Watermead”, used for the folder and cassette covers of our first recording,  “Our Songs Give Praise”.

The second was Lorraine’s watercolour painting of Mary, which became a computer generated image and used for the folder and cassette covers of our second recording, “Mary Our Mother” in 1994.  This same image was later used to produce the series of stationery “Mary through the Seasons” and coloured appropriately to each season.

Matthew was commissioned to paint a series of cards featuring Rosminian Houses, to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Antonio Rosmini (founder of the religious order to which  Fr John belongs) . . .  “Little Saints” had burst onto the scene in 1994 introducing a cartoon section to our growing Watermead collection of artwork.

We were producing  music recordings, books, mass cards, notelets and booklets - and  then Fr John asked if people in the parish who painted would be interested in submitting their pictures for a series of bookmarks.

 Mary came forward with her painting of Mother Teresa and Princess Diana - coincidently, the week between the death of both women.  Her painting became a bookmark and a card, and this was an exciting venture that saw us printing and reprinting several times to fulfil demand.  With that experience and encouragement we knew we could offer to use any painting or picture we were given and have since incorporated many people’s gifts into our cards and stationery, recordings and books.

When arriving at St Joseph’s in 2001 we continued to be given artwork, inspiring our barious greeting card selections - including the Angelus notecard series.

St Joseph’s also introduced us to Lynn who used her original paintings to create the WordScape series of laminated pages, using Sheila’s poetry, and also several series of stationery featuring an assortment of characters she has created for the children’s website at St Joseph’s - Frankie and Ositos.

Paintings, pictures, drawings, cartoons, etc. are now gifted us from around the country, by people who read about our work, or attend one of our pilgrimages or retreats.  Some of the pictures we have been given to use were painted whilst on one of our pilgrimages and there are regular exhibitions of this creativity in the pastoral centre of St Joseph’s parish.

We shall continue to share all we are given -  paintings, photographs, sketches, cartoons, etc. - through what we produce (cards, stationery, books, prayer cards).  Thank you to all who have given over the years.  Their various stories can be read, alongside the item they have inspired, in our Cards and Stationery section.

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