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During his years as a priest Father John has taken many parish groups on pilgrimage to various places in Europe - Rome, Assisi, Lourdes, Lisieux - as well as including other cities when travelling by coach.

It all began in 1978 when Father John’s superior asked him to lead a pilgrimage to Stresa in Northern Italy for the celebration the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Institute of Charity (the Rosminians).  “Stresa” became a coach tour from South Wales - Luxembourg, Lucerne, Stresa, and then Florence, Rome, Assisi and Venice.  A wonderful two weeks.

His Father Superior suggested pilgrimage could become a regular part of parish life - people of the Church and their friends travelling together for holiday and pilgrimage. He encouraged Father John to continue.

Over the years organising such pilgrimages, especially to Rome, have been a regular part of Father John’s year. Sometimes Travel Agencies have done the planning, but in recent years Father John was encouraged to do his own planning directly with hotels and coach companies.

This has allowed costs to be kept low and made pilgrimage available to many more people.  There have been no problems, anymore than a family would know in planning their holidays.

Thus there has been no need to register with recognised travel agency associations. Each person coming with us takes out personal travel insurance, in the usual way, and thus is covered for loss by cancellation.  Really, our pilgrimages are like a very large family going away together.

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Pilgrimages Planned for 2018 and 2019

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Watermead Apostolate is not licensed by ATOL or affiliated to any other travel organisations.  We are totally independent.  We are simply an extended family community travelling together on pilgrimage.  People are welcome to join us, but only on the understanding that they are responsible for their own travel insurances.  Proof of travel insurance (policy numbers and providers, along with expiry date) is required on confirmation of booking.  

Please note that we are in the process of building a new website and so this current site may not always be up-to-date. We shall endeavour to complete the rebuild in January/February 2019 and  ask that you please excuse any blips in information or delays in updates over the next couple of months.  Thank you.