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When we began we were simply a small parish venture that sold our own music, books and cards, giving the monies we made to charity - people gifted us and we in turn gave to charity, a double giving. But, as projects and outlets grew, we were advised that we needed to form a trading company, so as not to compromise our parish charity status.

So, in 1997, we formed Watermead Publishing Limited - through which we were able to continue trading our gifts, whilst still being able to share with those we supported, giving the company’s profits to the various charitable missions and good works that we want to help.

The publishing company is responsible for the necessary administration and accounting of all aspects of Watermead’s apostolate and takes on commissioned publishing projects, alongside our own projects, to help support and fund this responsibility.

At present there are three areas to our publishing . . .

Publishing Commissions

Commission Publishing Work

Bereavement/In Memory Cards and Bookmarks

At present we can only take orders for these through our Watermead Shop ~ click for opening times.

Watermead Centre

Our own Gift Projects

Watermead Projects

Watermead’s first Managing Director

Len (our first Managing Director) and his wife, Cecilia

When we formed Watermead Publishing Limited in 1997, we needed someone to take on legal responsibility for the running of the company as Managing Director.

Len (pictured) was a long-standing and respected parishioner in the parish of St Theresa’s, Birstall, and had been supportive and helpful in the setting up of the Apostolate from 1992.  His experience in business and accountancy made him the obvious choice for the role and we were delighted when he accepted. Richard then offered to look after our accounts and other parishioners also became involved. A team of fourteen honorary directors was put together, representing the various aspects of the apostolate from the creative to technical, and from parish to diocese - as well as the Rosminian Order to whom Father John belongs.

In 2001, when we moved to St Joseph’s, there were necessary geographical changes for the personnel and this was reflected in the new make-up of the limited company.

Len retired as managing director in 2002 and today the company is run by Alison and David, with support and guidance from Father John and the continued financial advice from Richard and Georgina.