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What is a Retreat?

A retreat is a time set aside for God, when we slip out of our ordinary routine and make space for reflection and prayer. Offering retreats has been a regular part of our Watermead Apostolate since we began.

Why make a Retreat?

To give yourself space to read, pray, listen; to learn about Scripture, explore your faith; to feel free from your normal routine; to make time for God.

A retreat is not a selfish escape, it is a time to reflect on all that is happening in our daily lives; a bringing to God our love and concerns for those we care about - family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, the world. We can reach out in prayer, bringing all that has touched us during our busy lives to God.

Traditionally, people wanting to make a retreat would visit and stay at a religious house or a specially equipped retreat centre. Watermead retreats are planned for those who are unable to be be away from home overnight, owing to family responsibilities or work commitments.

Our retreat programme is arranged into a day, an afternoon or an evening - whatever suits.

Our Day Retreats take place at various venues . . .

Here at St Joseph’s

The Hermitage Retreat

Anywhere by Invitation


These evenings offer opportunity

to people whose work and family commitments do not always allow them the chance of a making

a whole day or weekend retreat.

They are usually held monthly

Here at St Joseph's

in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel,

on a Wednesday evening, 7 - 9.00 pm, open to all who would like to come.  

We generally begin the evenings

in Lent and continue

through until November

(A donation is asked towards the expenses for each evening).

(NB Dates for 2019 to be announced in March

These were began in 1994 by Eric and Marion St. John Foti from their home at Hermitage Hall, just outside Downham Market in Norfolk. In 2006 they had to retire and Hermitage Hall was sold, but "Hermitage" retreats continue to be held three or four times a year at  the Rosmini Centre,

(Our Lady & St Charles Church), Wisbech.


We had hoped to begin in Lent but this year

dates have been difficult to arrange.


(Click for Directions to the Rosmini Centre)

These can be anywhere and any day, dependent on who invites us.

Over the years we have travelled to a number

of venues in England and Wales arranging days of prayer and reflection for various ministry groups in parishes, schools and communities,

as well as other Christian church groups.


0116 241 5159 or 0116 220 7881

or write, email (or use our contact us form)

“Twilight” Retreats ~ An Evening of Prayer, Reflection, Talks and Music

“Twilight” Retreats to be held at St Joseph’s

The seasonal themes for our “Twilight” retreats are chosen to complement the Church calendar, with its various feasts and saints, and are open to anyone seeking to explore faith, spirituality and Scripture.

Apologies, in 2018 we were been unable to arranged any retreats owning to other commitments,

but hope to arrange evenings and days for 2019 - dates will be confirmed in March/April

There are no set dates for Saturday/Day retreats. We invite people who would like to book a Saturday retreat for their parish, community, sodalities, etc. to contact us. (See below for sample retreat patterns)

(Minimum persons 15-20, although we can accommodate much larger numbers by arrangement with St Joseph’s parish)

Sample Timetables of our Retreat patterns


10.00 am Welcome / hot drink

10.15 am Prayer / Reading

10.30 am A Talk

11.50 am Quiet for Prayer / Reading

11.10 am A Talk

11.30 am Quiet for Prayer / Reading

11.45 am Holy Hour "Music as Prayer"

12.30 pm Light lunch


2.00 pm Welcome / hot drink

2.15 pm A Talk

2.40 pm Quiet for Prayer / Reading

2.55 pm A Talk

3.15 Quiet for Prayer / Reading

3.40 pm Holy Hour "Music as Prayer"

             (Holy Communion)

4.45 pm Afternoon Tea

5.15 pm Depart


7.00 pm Quiet for Prayer

7.10 pm A Talk

7.30 pm Quiet for Prayer / Reading

7.45 pm A Talk

8.00 pm Quiet for Prayer / Reading

8.15 pm Holy Hour "Music as Prayer"

             (Holy Communion)

9.00 pm Hot drink & Depart

(Times might vary)

Other timetables (e.g. full day retreats) can be arranged to suit a parish/community request.

The pattern our retreats usually takes is talks followed by a space for personal prayer and reflection (usually in the church, chapel or garden - dependent on venue).

The talks are mainly given by Father John (sometimes he is joined by guest speakers) and the number of talks varies according to the timing and venue of each retreat.

All retreats, whether day or evening, conclude with our Holy Hour ~ a reflective time where people experience our "Music as Prayer" meditations.  (Click on the adjacent “Music and Prayer” hands to view a sample presentation.)

Music is also available as downloads via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc  

"Music as Prayer"

Please note that we are in the process of building a new website and so this current site may not always be up-to-date. We shall endeavour to complete the rebuild in January/February 2019 and  ask that you please excuse any blips in information or delays in updates over the next couple of months.  Thank you.