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Words of Sister Dorothy

Sister Dorothy McGregor of Maundy Relief in Accrington, Lancashire, discovered us through our internet shop in 2009 and soon started commissioning a variety of personal encouragement cards holding her own very individual prayers and thoughts. She died in May 2013, just after having given us permission to use her wording and prayers for a series of cards.

We decided to illustrate the cards with the paintings and photographs gifted us over the years by people (from singers through to pilgrims) who are involved in some aspect of Watermead’s apostolate.  On some of the cards our "Little Saints" also make an appearance.

We have a wealth of Watermead artwork, along with a treasury of the little books of prayers and words that Dorothy sent us to use over the years, and have no doubt that her words will inspire many further projects - whether simply more cards or even in various publications.

The charity Maundy Relief is a “first port of call” and a “last resort” for people in the local community, helping them practically and emotionally in numerous ways. To find out more do have a look at their website www.maundyrelief.co.uk or link with their Facebook page. You will enjoy reading about a wonderful and inspiring mission that grew from the caring dedication of one very special lady.

Into your waking

I shall bring Peace;

Into your being

I shall bring Love;

Into your doing

I shall bring Trust;

Into your sleeping

I shall bring Joy;

And into your future

I shall bring Hope.

Sister Dorothy McGregor

The cards fall into various categories - Caring, Encouragement, Sympathy, Peace, etc. and can be used for all occasions.

To view all the designs and items using Sister Dorothy’s words, visit our internet shop and type “Dorothy” into the search bar.