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People have always been welcome to send us their own poetry, writings and prayers to incorporate into our various projects and we try and use them in the best way we can.  It may be that one person's poetry inspires another in our community to write music, and some of our hymns and songs have begun in such a way.  Verses and stories may also be used in our cards and stationery or shared at retreats. Sometimes, authors present collective writings that deserve their own individual presentation then this is developed, either as a Watermead publication or by the authors publish themselves in association with Watermead. Our aim is to try and help people share with others the words that come to them through living and practicing their faith.


The first book we produced was “Words of Prayer & Encouragement” ~ a collection of parishioners’ favourite prayers. The book has been reprinted and updated several times and thousands of copies have been sold in the UK and overseas.

The current cover design was added in 1997 and updated 2003

Click here to for a link to our webshop read the story of this popular book of prayer and find out how to obtain a copy.